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LARC! Tours



As you arrive in the Town of 1770, look to your left, and you will see two big pink boats with wheels, behold the LARCs!

LARC provides a unique amphibian adventure travelling Eurimbula National Park's coastlines and Bustard Bay's waterways to the isolated Bustard Head Lighthouse, the first lighthouse built in Queensland.

LARC Tours invites you to join their friendly tour guides aboard the pink amphibious LARCs for a fantastic adventure.

LARC Tours operates two Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo vessels with 32 passengers each. Equally, at home on land or sea, these fascinating vessels were initially built for military use, predominantly for transporting troops and equipment in and around coastal areas.


Paradise Tour
Signature full-day tour. The ultimate LARC! experience

The Paradise Tour starts with a journey along the edge of Eurimbula National Park, over vast sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters of four tidal creeks. The crew relayed the town's history of 1770 and let out a few clues of what was to come at Bustard Head. The first stop is our hidden shaded picnic spot at the edge of Jenny Lind Creek for morning tea.

The scenic 4WD journey up Bustard Headland then guarantees the best aerial view from a boat and drops you at the footsteps of the historical Bustard Head Lightstation, aka 'the Lighthouse of Tragedy'. A volunteer lightkeeper will guide you through the lightkeeper's cottage, which has been transformed into a museum and is brimming with priceless artefacts, maritime treasures and enough mysteries to sink a ship (literally). Our LARC skipper will take you up the spiralling stairs to the balcony of the lighthouse tower, sharing a magnificent unmarred 360° view and then down a winding path to say hello to past occupants at the cemetery many of whom had terrible fates.

Once you've explored the skeletons in the station's closet, it's back down the headland for a healthy lunch prepared by our friends at 1770 Marina Cafe and accompanied by our secret recipe, freshly brewed billy tea. An optional opportunity is to explore a quick forest walk before boarding the LARC again to cross the incredible Jenny Lind Creek.

Your destination is the towering dunes of Middle Island. The only place where it's completely fine to push your friends and family down a 35-metre hill (on a boogie board, of course) and call it sandboarding. Exhausted from the calf muscle workout, it's time for a refreshing dip. Then back on board, ready for the return journey.

Your day is topped off with wildlife sightings and light-hearted local stories, while the pastel colours of the lowering sun signal the end of another day in Paradise.

What is included? 

Sandboarding equipment. Morning or Afternoon Tea, including the famous 1770 Marina Cafe ANZAC biscuits. Lunch consists of freshly made wraps with your choice of fillings: ham, chicken or vegetarian, accompanied by fresh fruit and snacks. All dietary requirements can be catered for by providing sufficient notice.

What to bring?

Hat, towel, sunscreen, swimmers, refillable water bottle, comfortable footwear, socks for sandboarding in the Summer months and warmer clothing for cooler months.


LARC + Lunch Tour
A Relaxed Two-Hour Picnic Lunch Excursion

A Relaxed Two-Hour Picnic Lunch Excursion

The LARC + Lunch tour ventures across two waterways, edges along Eurimbula National Park, to be greeted by a gorgeous golden stretch of foreshore. Here the only footprints in the sand are your own. Lunch is served under the shade of an old casuarina tree in THE most beautiful beachfront setting you can get!

After lunch, you can sit back in your beach chair, appreciating the scenery, stroll along the shoreline for treasures, or take a dip in the refreshing waters of Bustard Bay.

The LARC journey includes an informative and entertaining commentary on the local history, culture, flora and fauna.

What's for lunch?

Freshly made wraps with your choice of fillings: ham, chicken or vegetarian, accompanied by fresh fruit and snacks. All dietary requirements can be catered for by providing sufficient notice.

What to bring?

Hat, towel, sunscreen, swimmers, and warmer clothing for cooler months.


Afternoon Cruise
Experience the thrill of the famous Afternoon Cruise

Experience the thrill of the famous Afternoon Cruise

The Afternoon Cruise crosses Round Hill Creek, cruises along the edge of Eurimbula National Park up to Eurimbula Creek, turns around and returns to explore the 1770 sand bar. This one-hour joyride is fun for the whole family, with an entertaining running commentary, breathtaking scenery, unique wildlife and an exciting finale!

The Afternoon Cruise is the perfect introduction to the area, a great taste tester for the LARCabilities and very easy to fit into any schedule.

What to bring?

Camera, warmer clothing for cooler months.


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